About The Texas Frog Fest…

The Texas Frog Fest (TXFF) is an effort of Brint Construction and the local Bolivar Peninsula community to provide a weekend-long entertainment venue showcasing local and national artists for the benefit of the Lone Survivor Foundation’s Crystal Beach retreat facility.

TXFF is an annual event through which funds are raised to maintain the Lone Survivor Retreat and help offset the costs of conducting the retreats that are held there. Through the generosity of our volunteers and sponsors, the first annual TXFF, held in March of 2014, was an event to remember. This two-day venue provided great musical entertainment, food and drinks, booths to learn more about the Lone Survivor Foundation and the Crystal Beach Facility and a family friendly atmosphere.

TXFF 2017 is shaping up to be even better. We will have activities for the kids, great silent auction items, fun raffle items, Lone Survivor and TXFF swag and, of course, more great musical entertainment. The 2017 Festival will take place May 27 & 28 at the permanent home of Texas Frog Fest; 1609 State Hwy 87 in Crystal Beach, TX 77650.

There are one-day and two-day general admission tickets available for purchase and discounted tickets for children under 10 years of age. Tickets can also be purchased at the gate the day of the event.  Additionally, you can purchase VIP tickets and rentals tickets for small tents, VIP tents, on-site camping, RV parking and VIP RV parking.

All of the proceeds from this event go directly to the Lone Survivor Foundation for the purpose of operating and maintaining the Crystal Beach retreat facility. Through your attendance at the Texas Frog Fest you will be supporting our soldiers, and their families, as they learn to cope with effects that combat has had on their minds and bodies.

About The Lone Survivor Foundation…

The Lone Survivor Foundation’s mission is to restore, empower, and renew hope for our wounded service members and their families through health, wellness, and therapeutic support. Overseas deployments and combat action can take a serious toll on everyone involved – from the men and women on the front lines to the friends and families who wait patiently for their loved ones to return home. America’s Armed Forces are asked to perform at exceptionally high standards in the most demanding circumstances and that service demands incredible sacrifice, dedication, and in some cases debilitating personal transformation.

Transitioning to post-military life, whether wounded in combat or simply adjusting to the civilian sector, will often cause difficulty for the service member and his or her family. The unfortunate reality for many service members and their families is that life changes after the loved one returns home and the effects of their experiences begin to manifest in negative ways. In short, the normalcy of life prior to their service may have been lost forever. Therefore, the Lone Survivor Foundation is here to help America’s wounded service members and their families adjust to the effects of their experiences and help them transition into what may be looked at as their ‘new normal’ – providing an understanding and acceptance of who they are as a person, a family, and a community.

The Lone Survivor Foundation was established in 2010 by Retired Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell. The foundation was created based upon his first hand experiences of what is needed to provide holistic healing beyond standard government programs. Marcus tells the traumatic and emotionally raw account of his survival and the deaths of 19 of his comrades in Operation Red Wings in his 2007 #1 New York Times bestselling book, Lone Survivor and the upcoming 2014 Universal movie which holds the same name. Since 2010, the Lone Survivor Foundation has raised funds to benefit our combat soldiers who deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI), Military Sexual Trauma (MST) and chronic pain. The intent for creating the foundation was to bring the wounded service members into the same type of environment that healed Marcus while honoring the fallen heroes of Operation Red Wings.

The LSF retreat program is a place of peace and beauty, where there is a close-knit and understanding support system. Providing a place where the service members and their families can heal together as they all work through the consequences of war. The foundation holds a five-day retreat program at ranches in Texas, Washington, and Georgia for veterans and their families. And, we are proud to announce a Beach Facility along the Gulf Coast which will break ground Spring 2014. These all-inclusive retreat programs are provided at no cost for the participants. During the program, veterans are provided support for invisible injuries through psycho educational groups, Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) using the EAGALA method, as well as individual sessions focused on brief stress reduction exercises to reduce symptoms of traumatic stress and pain. The foundation is dedicated to honoring and remembering American service members by providing unique educational, rehabilitation, recovery, and wellness opportunities to U.S. Armed Forces members, their spouses, children and caregivers.

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